What We Do

What We Do

Change is good...
Transformation is even better.

We help our clients – Governments, Multinationals, Non-Governmental Organizations, National and Sub-Regional Institutions, SMEs – to improve their effectiveness by taking a fresh look at the complex and urgent challenges they face in Africa.

We bring Africa’s expertise integrated with each client’s potential and abilities in order to yield sustainable, visible and impactful changes.

BridgAfricA’s coaching is unique in that it is a perfect mix of functional and industry-base knowledge. We are constantly deepening and broadening our areas of expertise, which are currently divided into 10 functional areas and 7 sector areas.

Functional Expertise

  • Advisory
    With our adapted strategic orientations, we help stakeholders formulate long-term projects. Projects with specific impacts in line with well-measured objectives
  • Strategy
    The essence of strategy is to isolate what not to do. We strive to differentiate you according to your profile, your ambitions, to establish an innovative approach beyond your expectations.
  • Reforms
    We support Public Sector and Business reforms for better efficiency and sustainable impact.
  • Citizen Relationships Management
    We help governments to develop programs that enhance the relationship with their citizens.
    Citizen Relationships Management
  • Advocacy & Campaign
    We design and help to deploy targeted actions in order to facilitate change and evolutions in the practice of public policies.
    Advocacy & Campaign
  • Lobbying & Country Level Communication
    We offer you a full range of services that help you interpret, navigate, engage opinions and influence public policy.
    Lobbying & Country Level Communication
  • Innovation and Digital Transformation
    Digital transformation is essential for any system inclined to development. We support your transformation process to guarantee sustained growth.
    Innovation and Digital Transformation
  • Marketing and Communication
    We know how to take ownership of your project to design disruptive, effective strategic recommendations in order to achieve your brand awareness and sales objectives.
    Marketing and Communication
  • Public Relations
    We put in place, for you, long-term strategies and spontaneous tactics to maintain the link with your audiences, increase your influence and your reputation
    Public Relations

Industry Knowledge

Transforming key sectors make a country more resilient and innovative .The beauty in it is that we know how.

  • Public Sector

    Public Sector

    Government engagement, Business Diplomacy, Education, Healthcare, Security, Digital Transformation, Public Reforms, Regional Integration, Citizenship Relationship Management (CRM), Public Spirit

  • Mobility - Travel - Tourism

    Mobility - Travel - Tourism

    Transport, Logistic, Postal Service, Hub, Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Hospitality Management, Border Control, Health Regulation, Connectivity & Regional Integration, Future City, Transformation

  • Technology, Media & Telecom

    Technology, Media & Telecom

    Innovation, Internet for All, Online Media & Entertainment, Mobile Money, Connectivity, Workforce of the future

  • Healthcare


    Value based healthcare, Infrastructures and accessibility, Emergencies & Health Prevention, Future of hospital in Africa, Digitalization, Design to care, Data and Healthcare. Scholarship & Mobility

  • Education


    Elementary, Secondary, High School, Universities, Business & Engineering Schools, Vocational Schools, Reforms & Transformation, Performance, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Public Spirit, Tomorrow Workforce, Career, Digital literacy, Digital Security, Alumni Programs

  • Social Impact

    Social Impact

    Education, Health, Social Development, Public Spirit, Civil Society, Human Rights, Water & Sanitation, Gender Equality, People of Determination, Minorities, Functional literacy, Digital Literacy, Digital Security,

  • Security Conflict Peace

    Security Conflict Peace

    Conflict Management and Prevention, Regional Security, Extremism, Integration and Post Crisis Management Early warning and response system, Crisis Management & Mediation, Woman and Children Protection, Gender Peace and Security, Cyber Security